the ssp team


Lexie is the owner and lead photographer for SnapSchatz Photography! She will be the one that photographs and communicates with you along your entire SSP Experience! You will see her always laughing, smiling, and 99% of the time with her hair up in a huge bun.


Nina is currently a photography student at Valparaiso University and is our intern/assistant/main second shooter when it comes to weddings! She keeps Lexie "sane" and hydrated on wedding days!  She is basically her right hand lady and knows how to keep things super fun.


Jon is the man behind the accounting books.  He is in charge of the "boring" stuff like the financials, taxes.... you know - the adult things when it comes to running a business! You might see him assisting Lexie now and then at sessions only because she bribes him with ice cream as long as he chaffeurs her around! He is such a good hubby!

my story

I am a 22-year old girl married to my highschool sweetheart, Jon, and we have two dogs, Griffey and Harper.  I have recently just graduated from Valparaiso University with a Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude degree. I am a photographer, designer, home blogger, chicken-mom, organic lover, and a real homebody. I like sweet wine and I could eat a whole carton of ice cream in one sitting.  Couldn't we all though? 

I truly believe I have the best "job" ever.  I get to meet new people, make new friends, photograph the most precious memories ever, and be a witness of two people making a lifetime commitment to one another. I promise that you will see my passion with photography in all of your images. Documenting all these memories is something I take great pride in.

I would say my photography style is along the lines of timeless, film-like, light and airy. I enjoy playing with natural light and having my clients truly be themselves.  The photographs that are the most memorable are those that purely represent your lifestyle and personality, whether that be of your family tickling eachother and laughing, or you and your husband slow dancing and whispering compliments to one another.  There is nothing better than true, genuine smiles photographed forever.

I'd love to meet you! Let's get together and eat some ice cream!

favorite things

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